29 September 2010

Rooftop Ambushes


As children, Andy had a pretty faithful habit of walking to school together each morning. On more than one occasion I would be waiting for his arrival at my house from a rooftop vantage armed with some variation on a dart gun / squirt gun / paintball gun, etc.... (shenanigans today courtesy of Andrew Leonard on clarinet)


09 September 2010

The Creator, part 1


Today is my birthday, so for it I salute my musical father: Derry O'Leary. Derry was my childhood piano teacher, and single-handedly responsible for my love of music which eventually led to my career. He wrote a piece called "Thunderwood," a fun Spanish fantasia, which was sort of my compositional 'gateway drug.' It was the first time I played a piece composed by someone I knew. It literally changed my life. Today's post is a series of variations on his wonderful tune, drawing partially from a recording of me playing it in concert in November, 2006 in Florida.

I present to you: Austin.

01 September 2010

Never Forget a Face


I'm terrible with names, but I never forget a face.

When I was 11 years old I recorded an album of piano music, which included the brilliantly titled "Piano Piece 1," my first real stab at composition. Inspired by Andy's self-portrait, here too is mine, using that original recording.