08 July 2010

America Etudes



If the cable news programs are any indication, America can't seem to decide if she's a collection of "folks," simple and good hearted, largely Christian, generous with their incomes, etc etc ... or rather an elite, sophisticated collection of the smartest, brightest and righteous world leaders. We're both the farmer and the astronaut; the sleek politician and down-to-earth 3rd grade teacher. This dilemma, in the form of two competing, interlocked American folk tunes, is performed by the extraordinary (and Grammy-winning) cellist, Steve Erdody.

Although I disagree that goodhearted and Christian are opposites of elite, sophisticated and smart, I get what Austin is saying. I chose to depict this as the duality between the on-the-go active lifestyle, and the sedentary glued to the couch life. I'll get to that hike right after this show.

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