08 April 2010

Facebook - 1

Listen: Facebook - 1.Mp3


Today and tomorrow are my rather mixed-bag look at the world of Facebook. While both pieces are somewhat ambivalent, today's is my take on the more celebrated side. It connects you with long-lost childhood friends, high school sweethearts and estranged family members. It brings people together and keeps everyone in the loop of what's going on in life. It creates a forum for public discussion on pop culture and politics and everything else. It truly makes the world smaller. An alto flute (played by Sara Andon) sings over the omnipresent, 24/7 pulse that is Facebook ...

I've been doing a lot of dark backgrounds recently. Mainly because I haven't bothered cleaning and well this is easier. I'll break away from that once it's consistently warm out and I can comfortably shoot outside. I've had enough of freezing my fingers off until autumn. I also edited out the Dell logo from my laptop. They don't deserve my endorsement.

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