06 April 2010



The Taijitu is the symbol from Taoist belief which represents the notion of equal and opposites in balance with one another (more popularly referred to as 'yin and yang.') One of the keys to this symbol is the fact that within each side of the opposing halves there contains the seed of the other, such that balance is achieved not only by pitting these opposites against each other, but by recognizing that in each lies some hint of the other. The music today is precisely that: it is the "conflict" and ultimate balance between several different simultaneous "opposites," each containing some sort of suggestion of the other (principally 'acoustic vs. electronic,' and '12-tone versus tonal.')

It's Rockies season. They've known wins, and they've known losses, and incorporated the lessons of one into the other; however, this season they will just win. World Series, baby.

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