04 April 2010

Progress 1


Progress, in the broadest sense, is movement forward. It is innovation, and industrialization. It is the hand of man carving out an ever-more prosperous place for itself within the universe. It is us proudly proclaiming that we are here! Symphonies, epic poems, skyscrapers, cruise liners, international space stations ... all serve as monuments to our incredible intelligence and creativity. Progress is the unstoppable march forward.

I prefer to view progress on a much more personal level. Am I doing everything I can to be the man I want to be? And if not, what do I need to do to get there? Like this fountain, a single moment frozen in time can decide if I am heading towards a goal or away from it. Every decision plays into progress. Progress is also not always prosperous, it can be raucous and born of calamity, but even chaos and hardship can catalyze the drive forward.

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