07 April 2010

Free - Part 1


Today we present the first of the 6-part "Free" series, featuring one of the single most inspiring musicians I've ever had the privilege of getting to know and collaborate with: Lisbeth Scott. Lisbeth composed lyrics and short song based around the idea, which then became my brick and mortar in the construction of this piece ....

Hot snow down my face
Writes words you erase
Is there anybody who can bring me up
Equal to the way that you can bring me down
Is there anybody who can touch me soft
Equal to the way that I am tied and bound
Free me free me free me free me free me free

More than just a little intimidated to have such an amazingly talented singer in any way associated with a photograph of mine. Due to some unfortunate computer issues I actually took this photo before having heard today's track, so I hope that it works for anyone viewing and listening.

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