05 April 2010

Progress 2


... or perhaps Progress is the ability to withstand the crushing pressure of that unstoppable march forward. Maybe true human progress means not forgetting to stop and admire a sunset despite the glittering (admittedly beautiful) skyline in the foreground. It is the filtering out of all the background noise, the complications of an immensely complex modern world, and simply appreciating silence.

Although each individual moment might be critical to progress, it is the collection of a lifetime of moments that make progress a measurable thing. An integration, if you will. Continuing with my visual analogy: Yesterday's water was seemingly frozen in a very precise moment. Today, a much longer exposure shows the water's trajectory and gives a better sense of where the individual moment from yesterday eventually led. I also zoomed out to show that there are a chain of fountains feeding into the pool, each an important contributor. Today's water is also much softer to say that although individual moments might be a bit tumultuous, they trend towards a calmer whole.

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