04 March 2010



In contrast to the overtly primitive "caveman-ness" of yesterday's post, today's is a look at my musical evolution over the essentially one year period which straddled the end of high school and start of college. It's basically a program piece, telling the story of a young, more or less self-taught composer contentedly writing extremely "Hollywood" sounding music who is violently plunged into the world of formal classical education. Despite years of composing and conducting, at age 18 I was largely still unfamiliar with some extremely seminal staples of the repertoire. Assembled here is a collage of some of the works which most profoundly changed me in that very short period of rebirth (can you name them? There are 19 in all....)

My attempt at forced perspective. Turns out it's difficult when you're shooting yourself, but it's still fun. I need to start finding models... The concept, if not obvious, was a play on the huge amount of information presented in academia/college, and how quickly it can become overwhelming.

Strobist: LP120 @ 28mm, 1/1 Power into 43" Westcott shoot-through umbrella at encyclopedias. LP120 @ 28mm, 1/1 Power, 1/4 CTO @ me. Triggered via RadioPopper JrXs.

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