17 March 2010

Saint Patrick



If you are not already, please start following along here, benefit being: you can see the photo and hear the music together.
Ireland's patron saint, converter of pagans. Yet his life was not a well documented one. He was captured and remained a slave for several years. He escaped and later returned to Ireland (where he was not originally from) to spread Catholicism. I think you'd be hard pressed to get that much information from celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the US, but a we drink to his life (and death) anyway. Now where'd I put my beer?

A bit of an irresistible indulgence in Irish folk music. In this case the tune in question is "Limerick Rake," and the overall piece is a quasi-program piece covering the story of Saint Patrick himself. In a nutshell, he was captured by raiders and taken from Ireland, only to return later as a heroic missionary to save the Irish.

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