26 March 2010

Together We Served - 1

Listen: Together we Served - 1.Mp3


Meet Mark Bever. He was a bartender at Gordon Biersch. He left to begin his career in architecture. This series (although it could have been a full month itself) is only three of the many wonderful people I worked with at Gordon Biersch. We're all gonna be big one day. Get to know us, world.

Having never met any of the GB servers to which Andy has dedicated this series, I decided to do the next most logical thing: create a series of Bulgarian folk tunes, played in a bar on the in-house upright, and accompanied by four rowdy customers playing "percussion" with their plates, pans and silverware. In this case the "pub quintet" is played entirely by me, and the tune in question is called "Eleno Mome."

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