15 March 2010

Colfax in Four Parts - 1



I've only included 1 of 4 photos for this first post here. Please visit allogamy.net for the full post!

I confess to having taken this series into a pretty abstract direction, though always rooted in the actual history of Denver's famed Colfax Avenue. Growing up I always had a (probably unfair) mental image of Colfax as a seedy crime den, like something from Jabba's Palace. As a result, my starting point for this series was a sort of film noir-styled jazz approach. Somehow though, my inner ear led me away from that and towards something less concretely "jazzy" or "seedy." Clarinet is the featured instruments for the series, each time played wondrously by Andrew Leonard.

Part 1 is my (again I'll say, abstract) portrait of Colfax's earliest history, as a prominent road used by Colorado Gold Rush settlers in the late 1800's. Boosted by this intense commercial traffic, the avenue quickly become the home to illustrious mansions and elite estates.

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