01 March 2010



The sort of 'Brief History of the Earth' series begins today with a glance at the Hadean Eon, essentially the oldest period in Earth's life. At the onset, the planet's molten "underworld"-esque landscape completely lacked any life or atmosphere, and left no substantial physical record behind (earning the informal designation of "Cryptic Era"). This almost incomprehensibly ancient image of the Earth has long intrigued me as a composer, so at last I set it to music within the miniature context of Allogamy. The music is volatile, primal, lacking most of the familiar signposts we grapple towards as listeners.

So far tonight I dropped my external hard drive on concrete, it doesn't sound healthy, and I fried my alarm clock plugging it into a bad outlet. It melted the plug and threw some soot at me with a loud pop and a bright light. Definitely not in the mood to come up with an elaborate photo. Hence the iPhone extreme cop out. I'm moving and the chaos has got to be pretty close to the theorized Hadean. It looks like things are starting to cool down though, and should start taking form.

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