19 March 2010


Mankind has created some absolutely awe-inspiring things, and not the least of which is music itself. The finest minds, such as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, etc etc ... their contributions to the world of incalculable value...

... and yet I would honestly trade it all to catch even a fleeting glimpse of a living dinosaur. Somehow I never got over the obligatory childhood fascination with these beasts, and so today is in their honor. They lived more than 160 million years, the crowning achievement of the Mesozoic Era, only to be swiftly eliminated in the relative blink of an eye. The music is somewhat scherzo-like in quality: I'm doing my part to try and dispel the last fragments of myth that these were lumbering, slow and heavy monsters; in contrast, they were fast, intelligent, agile, unstoppable juggernauts.

The king, himself. The tyrant lizard. One of the later dinosaurs to roam the Earth during the Mesozoic, Tyrannosaurus was a big guy. And yet we'll only ever know him by his bones. It is really impossible for me to wrap my head around the concept of a near 200 million year era, that ended 65 million years ago. As humans we just don't have a frame of reference to appropriately conceptualize that big a chunk of time. I wouldn't believe you if you said you could. One thing is for certain: dinosaurs had a long reign, and really showed the planet what it meant to be a chordata. Yet ever after millions of years, they were not immune to extinction.

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