31 March 2010

From the Tavern to Symphony Hall


To round off March, I decided to do my own little homage to Béla Bartok and his immeasurable contributions to music (in the form of a fun little duet, featuring violinist Neli Nikolaeva). The deliciously asymmetric folk tunes of his native Hungary and neighboring Bulgaria proved to be the most incredible seedlings to his singularly unique compositional voice, bringing these peasant tunes and bar songs out of the taverns and into the apex of 20th century music.

I have to wonder how many thousands of gallons have flown through these taps. I also have to wonder how much of that has been consumed by employees staying after work. Regardless, they are still the best taps I have ever seen in a bar, adjustable flow rate, and a guaranteed crowning head of foam every time. 

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