05 March 2010

So Many Hours ...


Indeed an alarming amount of my life has been spent clutching a controller, but GoldenEye for N64 really was at the forefront of making gaming a social experience. We were crammed into one room, four friends, four controllers, and a license to kill. Not to forget games like Mario Kart for their amazing multiplayer mayhem, but it is GoldenEye that really sowed a seed in social gaming.
Strobist: 1 LP120 @28mm, 1/32 power, into collapsed silver umbrella camera left, 1 LP120 @28mm, 1/32 power, barn doored behind controller. Triggered via radiopopper JrXs.

Indeed countless cumulative days were spent in front of GoldenEye in particular, so it seemed a fun nod was due to world of Bond and its legacy of great music. I admit, however, that this piece ended up rather odd, as a sort of schizophrenic homage to Bond (maybe this is the music of Bond after he closes his eyes at night and simultaneous remembers all the lovers and all the kills. A sea of chaos both romantic and twisted?).

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