06 May 2010

A Little Help From Our Friends (bonus!) part 4



This 3-part series decided to have a bonus 4th part, courtesy of a melody composed by our dear friend Patrick Henthorn. I should explain that the resulting piece is a bit of musical humor, as Patrick put it, "like that of The New Yorker" (ie, completely nonsensical to the vast majority of people). I confess that he's probably right...

Montgomery Burns: [very badly disguised with a fake moustache] Hello, my name is Mr. Snrub. And I come from, uh... someplace far away.
Montgomery Burns: [to himself] Yes, that'll do.
Montgomery Burns: [back to Mayor Quimby] Anyway, I say we invest that money back in the nuclear plant.
Waylon Smithers: I like the way Snrub thinks.
[everyone looks suspiciously at Mr. Burns, then Smithers fires a rope a the roof, helping Mr. Burns to escape]
Light, sweet electric light. Sure, there is a very valid argument to it contributing to modern sleep deprivation by negatively affecting our natural use of light as a cue for sleep, helping us to ignore our circadian rhythm, but I still prefer it to needing a candle in hand past sunset.

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