31 May 2010

Storytellers - 6



The sixth and final 'Storyteller' piece. To reiterate, my storytellers are Matt Antonelli, Paul J. Alessi, Stefanie Cowan, Patrick Henthorn, Amin Matalqa and Claire Naber-Matalqa. Today's story has no unifying theme. I merely asked that they tell me the first thing that comes to mind. That lack of overarching theme seemed (in conjunction with having explored older, more Classical / Baroque forms in this series) to thus require the severe sense of order that only Serialism can provide. So, while this is not 100% serialized in the strictest Stockhausen or Boulez sense, it nonetheless is comparably meticulously structured. And it goes to show the immense ability of musical expressiveness to stretch beyond our farthest imagination, because the moment something so literal as this material is put through that filter the emotional impact of the material is all but lost.

Memorial Day. An important holiday, and I am truly grateful for those who have served our great nation and kept it possible for us all to live our daily lives largely worry free. The Bolder Boulder is also today. I didn't run it. So, with that guilt, I thought I'd go with a running shot. Today's photo sits somewhere between a failure and a mild success in that I did not achieve the image I had in my head, but got a few steps closer and gained some insight into how to better achieve it in the future. I'll probably be returning to this idea...

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