02 May 2010

A Little Help From Our Friends part 1



As a severe change of pace, it seemed the time to create settings of melodies by some of the important non-composers in my life. This is always a surprisingly stimulating endeavor, as the novelty of melodies created by non-professionals often lend themselves to fun development. Hence today features a wonderful little tune by Amin Matalqa, a talented filmmaker I've had the great pleasure of working with several times. Today's tune is inspired by two of the great loves in his life: his two dogs Cello and Oboe (I'm not making that up ...).

I'm taking this series as a way to look at inventions and conveniences that make our lives what they are today, from the simple to the complex. I decided to view friends as being the inventions themselves and their inventors. I also wanted to think, and in turn have anyone looking, think about how they affect our interactions with our own friends. Also since I'm posting so late today there are 2 bonus photos.

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