22 May 2010

We'll cross that Bridge when we come to it



This was taken on a pedestrian bridge leading to a light rail station near I-225 and Yosemite. The initial idea for the shot required it to be just shy of sunset and unfortunately night crept up on me. So with the initial idea scrapped, it was time to improvise. I like the way it turned out.

After suggested to me the shot he was planning on taking for this post, I got to thinking about what rail stations and train stops seem to represent. There's an interesting dichotomy of the omnipresent clock (the trains must run on time, as we know!) and the incredibly relaxed waiting (since you're after all, powerless to force the train to come early). So in a way, a rail station is high energy and exciting place which has also somehow been frozen in time (this sort of romanticizing is clearly the result of my Los Angeles car-based routines).

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