07 May 2010

Storytellers - 1



Today begins a 6-part series based around that wonderfully unique human talent for telling stories. These are unfiltered, unmodified stories which were prompted without any prior warning. Woven together the results represent, to my taste, truly spontaneous music-making. Obviously a special commendation is due to my excellent storytellers for their honesty and candidness: Matt Antonelli, Paul J. Alessi, Patrick Henthorn, Stefanie Cowan, Amin Matalqa and Claire Naber-Matalqa. I must also recognize and praise the composer Lembit Beecher, whose explorations into storytelling in his own music were definitely the inspiration for this series.

Funny enough, I was just telling Austin how much I thought I was basically over rock concerts. And then I went to one. Just being at the Fillmore reminded me of a story, perhaps I will add it tomorrow, but for now I am too tired.

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