24 May 2010

Survey 5 - Range


Part five, the final of the "Survey" series, today featuring the quintet's favorite range on their instruments. As with the other questions the specific criteria for 'favorite' was kept vague (is it your favorite because the best melodies fall there? The best color lies there? It's easiest to play there? Most challenging? etc etc) Again, the players were violinist Alyssa Park, double bassist Nico Abondolo, clarinetist Andrew Leonard, flutist Amy Tatum, and oboist Tom Boyd.

For a camera, range could really be viewed as the level of detail you are able to express from shadow to highlight, focal length or depth of field. Here the shadows and highlights don't show much detail, clipping slightly, the focal length is on the shorter end at 50mm and the depth of field is quite shallow.

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