04 February 2011

5 OLD FRIENDS - Part 4


This piece, like yesterday's, dates from my time as a student at NYU and has never been heard by anyone. In fact I myself had basically totally forgotten about it, only stumbling onto it by accident while looking for a different piece to arrange for this post. But something about this piece makes me smile; on the one hand, I really had quite lacking composition technique, but there is a sort of fun to this piece. The original version was scored for Piano Trio, so this is a reworking of the entire piece for two pianos instead.

Andy Most of the ideas I had for this one died when I ran out of daylight. Then I figured I'd just take a nice night time exposure and let some of the house lights bleed in. No lights were on. It was freezing and I didn't have much of a jacket. So this is what I got. One out of focus night shot of a house with its lights out. But this is no ordinary house. This is a house I spent quite a bit of time in growing up. My esteemed collaborator's childhood home. So needless to say it was a little strange to see it with no lights. I was going to scrap the idea, but when I told Austin how creepy it was, he insisted we use it.

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  1. Even though this differs from Andy's original vision, in the end, this photo perfectly captures the state of that house as it stands now. For me, this photo is like seeing an Old Friend who has hit some bumps in the road and life isn't going as they had planned. It makes saddens you to see them in this state, because your memories with them are so glorious and full of light, laughter, and true love.