16 February 2011

MEMORY, Part 4


Part 4 of 6. I like this one becomes it seems to be setting up something longer (as with part 2), that then fails to appear. I think that that just came instinctively from the inherent frustration in CĂ©leigh's lyrics. Both on their surface, and subtextually in how she wrote them, her lyrics communicated a restless anxiety. But they were never overt. I guess that's how I'd describe this particular entry of the cycle too.

I was looking for a way to visually communicate the concept of being blacked out without another alcohol shot. This would be an example of not really knowing how creepy a concept is until you have the final product. Sheesh... I desaturated the image and then ran a copied layer through a high-pass filter for the muted but sharp and lit overall look.

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