14 February 2011



I was going to write something of a romantic paragraph about the emotional and physical response to a budding relationship or perhaps even just how meeting someone can completely inundate and intoxicate your senses. Then I heard Austin's interpretation and it changed my view completely. I really love what he wrote for this. Now, for me, instead of representing those specific emotions it has transformed into a longing for them. Perhaps a reflection of a time when these emotions were very much alive, but no longer... Not angry, in fact fondly remembering good times, but accepting that the current reality might be a little lonely. I completely agree that today's entry is a shining example of why this collaboration is so great.

On a side note I actually laughed at a TV commercial, which is markedly rare. It was this.

This is a particularly good example of what I love about this collaboration. When I saw that Andy had added a photo on Valentine's Day called "Enchante" I was expecting some sort of romantic image in the spirit of his "Birth of a Union" photo (Day 29). Yet this photo did not immediately conjure those types of emotions in me. This was dreamy, almost surreal. At once both warm and rich, yet multi-layered and even perhaps a little lonely.

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