17 February 2011



"I've been beat up, I've been thrown out
But I'm not down, no I'm not down
I've been shown up, but I've grown up
And I'm not down, no I'm not down

So I have lived, that kind of day
When none of your sorrows will go away
Go down and down and hit the floor
Down and down and down some more
But I know, there'll be some way
When I can swing everything back my way
Like skyscrapers, rising up
Floor by floor, I'm not giving up"
- The Clash
Strobist: 2 LP120s on either side of me both @ 28mm, 1/1 power, 1/2 CTO and 1/4 CTO on either, no other modifiers. Canon 40D, 30mm, 1/250 sec, f/11, ISO 200.

This is the follow-up to previous "Train in Vain" post initially drawing inspiration from those two songs by The Clash (at the suggestion of my collaborator. I admit to having never heard of The Clash before this). As a sort of continuation from the earlier post, today's "I'm Not Down" sort of veers into the world of the rock drummer who had so rudely interrupted us two days ago. I like the sort of joyously optimistic lyrics for this song, and so for me the drummer sort of represents that resilience against adversity. In this case, he's challenged by a surreal haze that ends up turning brutally dissonant. He hangs on though and emerges successfully, moving out of the washy reverb directly towards us. Soon, though, he accelerates and spins out of control, quickly shorting himself out. He didn't win, but he was better for having tried.

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