21 February 2011



For whatever reason I've been particularly gripped by these smaller, more intimate 'character' pieces this month, and today is no exception. Andy and I had discussed trying to capture the drama and simultaneous innocence of our early childhoods. The soaring highs and decimating lows of such pivotal turning points like scraped knees and lost toys.... I didn't want to write something so obscenely over-the-top as to be a caricature (though honestly, in the case of my own childhood, I suppose it would still have been apt), but instead a fiery, virtuosic piano solo.

I feel like my head a splode today. I did manage to trek out into the cold, gloomy snow, though. Went to a playground. The lack of sun/blue sky made for some dreary options for this "childhood" shot. Not my intention. I converted to black and white to attempt to cancel that out. I do wish they had a tire swing, though. We clocked some serious g force on one back in elementary school.

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  1. Well, this may not have been what you planned Andy, but when I clicked on the title in the archive list and then the photo appeared, I thought "perfect," at least for my childhood.