09 February 2011



Continuing with the idea from yesterday, (though with a bit of irony today) here is a Bach-style canon for the same percussion quartet as before. This is even more strictly executed than yesterday's, and is probably the best canon I've ever written (though I suppose it's a bit of a cop-out since it lacks definite pitch).

Continuing with the concept of the hunter, today we move into the modern world. I just talked with my friend Lauren this morning about how tough the job hunt can be, how intimidating it is and how altogether isolating unemployment can be. That conversation steered the direction I took with this photo. I was quite literally very cold while taking this photo, which I felt was a good analog to how the job search can be. I have also been in the middle of interview season for med school. I feel it is important to keep the mindset of the hunter, sharp and focused, dedicated to making the kill. I'm checking my imaginary watch and listening to some pump-up music in preparation for an interview in this shot.

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