01 February 2011

5 OLD FRIENDS - Part 1


As February has begun, with so much emphasis last month on birth and creation, it seemed refreshing to look backwards a bit. Here i've revisited a work I wrote at age 17 called "Furious Filaments" (performed here by Utah Symphony from my first album, 'Spirit of the Cosmos'). It's a remix, of sorts, putting a sort of electronica slant on this otherwise very neo-Baroque piece (in fact, I taught myself the basic fundamentals of Bach-style counterpoint for the purposes of writing this piece ... something I look back on with amusement considering how flawed it is in that light).

Meet Patrick. He's one of our oldest friends. He also happened to be in Denver at a time when I could take a quick photo of him. It was miserably cold and windy. Optimal conditions, of course.

1 comment:

  1. This is easily my favorite musical piece in this project so far. Not only because of the energy and interest in the music itself, but the symbolism it holds for me as an Old Friend. I knew Austin when he wrote the original "Furious Filaments" and now hearing what he does with it, I appreciate how relationships with Old Friends don't stay the same. Hearing this was like seeing that friend from years ago, only to learn that they had grown up and were thriving in their life, and you are instantly thrilled for them.