11 February 2011



Not too much to say here. Ask anyone in my family if Ghostbusters was an important part of my youth and you'll get a resounding yes. I think you'll get a similar answer from Austin's. Great fun piano piece today.

Without a doubt Ghostbusters is of central importance to both Andy's and my childhood. How to capture that ghost fighting team which was so crucial to the awakening of my imagination as a little kid? Well, the obvious thing was to tip my hat a bit to Elmer Bernstein's tremendous score to the film and its jaunty jazz piano main theme. Unrelated to this, I happened to watch Michael Ritchie's 1972 film THE CANDIDATE before sitting down to improvise this piano piece. My cynicism about politics tends to be 100% consistent, and this film only confirmed that. Watching the talking points and one-liners from 1972 politics was like watching CNN today. Somehow this influenced the piece, for better or worse. The childhood innocence of Ghostbusters, and the amazing fantasy that represented, looked back at through a slightly more cynical eye. There's something "off" and almost vilely circus-like about the improvised solo I performed (other than being fairly poorly performed) and I suppose I have politics, new and old, to thank.

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  1. What a fun little piece that easily, and respectfully, echos the playfull nature of Bernstein's tuneful score.

    I'm really enjoying these daily posts, so please keep 'em up. ;)