05 February 2011

5 OLD FRIENDS - Part 5


To round off this little tour of older works I end with my piece "Dance Under the Winter Skies" which I wrote as a senior in High School (and like parts 1 and 2, can also be heard on the album "Spirit of the Cosmos"). Originally the piece was written to showcase a violist friend of mine, with the intent that midway through piece in-concert, I'd walk out on stage sporting my accordion and we'd finish the piece as a duet (I hadn't considered at the time who stupid one looks while playing accordion). Only problem was I didn't own, nor know how to play, an accordion. So I bought one, and have played it pretty consistently ever since. This particular track takes my original tune as a sort of two-voice quasi-canon for two accordions, including a brief reminder of the original recording in the center. I suppose my plan was to end the series almost as if waking from a dream, leaving these old friends nostalgically, though firmly, in the past.

I've never really played around much with light painting. Writing backwards is difficult, especially when you're doing it in midair. Used a small LED flashlight, gelled with different colors for the word 'DreAm'. Danced around in the dark (thankfully) to make the ribbon. Anyway this one was purely in response to the airy romance that comes from my interpretation of today's music. I have a new appreciation for talented light painters, and although I'd hardly call it a future focus, it's really pretty fun.

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  1. I like the accordion aspect, both in your comments and in the composition. I love that you wrote something for an instrument you hadn't played before and then learned how to play it. I could see my son doing the same sort of thing.