07 February 2011



I've been obsessing over Brahms lately and, by proxy, Bach. My whole life I've been fascinated by the intersection of "raw" musical ideas and the refinement of counterpoint and craftsmanship and technique. Bach is perhaps still the all-time great master of combining those while sacrificing nothing from either. Today's post features a fugue based on a subject I wrote while studying counterpoint with the great Morten Lauridsen. I never did anything with that melody, so this seemed like a perfect piece as a segway from the recent "Old Friends" series. The counterpoint is flawed, though hopefully minimally [and in a few places, deliberately], and admittedly this isn't playable by one person on a real piano. But still. Turned out nicely I think, all things considered.

Charlie just woke up like this. He couldn't remember anything. Sure he'd been having trouble with his memory recently, but that was the stress. This... this was different. Everyone. The whole village. Gone. How could this have happened? What had he done and why couldn't he remember the last two days?

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  1. incredibly creative photo and I love the pairing of the fugue - makes me wonder what I've forgotten ...