15 February 2011



"You say you stand by your man
Tell me something I don't understand
You said you loved me and that's a fact
and then you left me, said you felt trapped

Well some things you can't explain away
But the heartache's in me till this day"
- The Clash
Strobist: 1 LP120 @ 28mm, 1/32 power, into a 43" shoot-through umbrella camera right. Canon 40D, 50mm, 1/6 sec, f/1.8, ISO 200. I-25 for bokeh.

Today's and the 17th's posts began somewhat unconventionally. Andy pointed me towards a pair of songs by The Clash that he liked called "Train in Vain" and "I'm Not Down" to serve as the inspiration. At the time I wrote the pieces I had no idea what Andy's photographic interpretation would be. For me, it began by looking up the lyrics and pouring over them a bit. For "Train in Vain" I was struck by the simultaneously bleak, heartbroken lyrics and general peppiness of the actual music itself. They seemed bizarrely incongruous to me. This led me to a sort of surreal, post-heartbreak kind of introspection. Then, unexpectedly and obnoxiously intrusively, it's infringed on by this quasi Clash-inspired rock drummer. It's sort of a piece inspired simultaneously by "Train in Vain's" content, and the song itself.

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