31 January 2011



Another iPhone photo. Really no thought given to the composition, but this one's all about the feeling for me. Whenever I look out the window of an airplane in flight I can hear Going to California by Led Zeppelin playing in my head.

This was one of the very first photos Andy took, and I sat on it for seemingly ages before deciding on a direction to go with musically. One morning, weeks after he'd sent it, I happened to be reading over the score to Brahms' "German Requiem," and this photo flashed in my mind as the opening line came in: "Selig sind, die da Leid tragen / denn sie sollen getröstet werden." This translates to "Blessed are they that mourn / for they shall be comforted." This seemed to perfectly fit into the "New Beginning" concept Andy was pursuing with the photo. What you hear is the melody the sopranos sing in the opening bars of Brahms' "Requiem," set to my own quasi-folk arrangement (with just a little bit of production on the vocals). The guitar is played by Tom Strahle and the soprano is Ayana Haviv.

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