26 January 2011



I had a bit of an imagined narrative that went with this photo that Austin has explained well. Yeah, it's just a payphone, and not all that captivating. No fun angles or narrow depth of field. Yet, for some reason the payphone holds a strange romantic quality for me. Just this strange relic of how communication has changed in my life.


I was very intrigued by Andy's picture. This was a classic example of a photo's title completely altering the implied or even obvious meaning. He saw the payphone as a place where the call can be made to mend some derailed relationship (and thus, by implication, that same phone was maybe the location for the derailment originally). That inherent sort of tension became my jumping-off point for this piece. It was also irresistible to restrict myself to phone-related sounds. Dial tones shifting up and down (almost sounding like an engine revving) form the backbone, while the various other familiar sounds chatter along as commentary ...

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