19 January 2011



An iPhone photo while out to get a breakfast burrito in "Sweetridge" aka Wheatridge, Colorado. Modified, like most of my iPhone photos, with Best Camera. This sign caught my eye, it invoked nostalgia for a simpler time I never knew and may not have even existed. Most importantly: proof of economic recovery! Having served my time in the restaurant industry, I am particularly fond of today's track. Genius juxtaposition of the audio clutter of a restaurant with the music.I feel like I'm on the expo line and the printer won't stop printing tickets. I love it.


This was a bit of fun, blending an emotional interpretation with a literal interpretation. A day in the life. Real-world restaurant sounds blend with their emotional counterparts. Actually I composed 10 different small pieces, which were all stacked on top of each other. The resulting texture is a bit of an emotional maelstrom, which hopefully speaks pretty concisely for itself ...

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