05 January 2011


Listen: Birth.MP3


Another iPhone shot. This one of my niece being lifted into the air. In using birth as a topic it really seems only fair to see the recently born and I can’t think of much better subjects than my nieces and nephews. Uncle is really one of the best titles a guy could ask for, but I digress.

Again we began with a photo of Andy's, and it seemed fun to revisit the compositional palette of a film I scored last year called GRACE. For that film I recorded a friend's newborn baby for about a month, gathering up a rather exhaustive library of cries, laughs, coos, coughs, and endless other alien-sounding baby noises. They became, after a fairly considerable amount of finessing and programming, the main 'instrument' of my score. So, staring into the eyes of yet another baby, I thought it would be fun to reopen those old sessions and create something new entirely from those recordings. It's a simple two-part piece, starting with pure baby recordings and moving toward a hazy, distorted cloud.

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