17 January 2011



I found myself spontaneously wanting to write an acapella choral work, and probably because of 100 years of cinematic programming, I can't help but feel that this sort of music evokes a rather biblical epicness (aided by the fact that choral music essentially began in service to the church hundreds of years ago, where much it remains today). I chose "wrath" as a vague reference to the "Dies Irae" (which is quoted rather transparently towards the end of this piece) of the Requiem Mass, meaning "Day of Wrath." Something so 'end of days'-ish seemed like a great counterpoint to all the incessant 'birthing' we've been doing ...

It took me forever to try to shoot something that could do visual justice to this choral piece in one still shot. I contemplated interjecting humor, shooting something very dark and foreboding, attempting some epic scene... but nothing quite clicked in my mind. I decided to focus on the idea of retribution. Here we have our subject. Dead. Poisoned for perpetrating some untold sin.

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