14 January 2011



Returning now to the 5th installment of my pursuit for defining the precise moment of originality ... this time I decided to keep all the melodic elements (ie the stuttery, staticy stuff) 100% intact from the stock loop, and write my own rhythms to accompany them. I followed the basic structure of the original, but all the rhythms and exact choices of which drums/percussion samples to use were my decision. Have I finally crested into originality?

The once lump-o-clay is really coming into its own, which is surprisingly similar to the hand holding it. Although I again stress that photographically this series isn't all that appealing, it really got me thinking about originality and mimicry. There are quite a few photographers whose style I both love and envy. What better way to improve my own skill set than to study and practice their styles? No one wants to be a copycat, but at the same time there's little sense in reinventing the wheel. There is lots of experience to build on and gradually incorporate into my own unique style.

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