02 January 2011



It really is 2010 and I am ambitious. I want to be nothing short of productive, prolific even. Coffee should help. Here’s a Domo coffee cup. I’d be lying if I didn’t get a bit of Domo inspiration from Dustin Diaz, whose macro shots I really enjoy.

This began with Andy's wonderful monster coffee cup shot, and I think helps kick us off very well after yesterday's much more 'thoughtful' and/or 'cerebral' entry. Basically (as with the photo), I'm having a bit of fun. I suppose you could say this piece is a little musical snapshot of a caffeine trip (at least, someone else's ... sadly caffeine long-ago ceased to have that effect on me). This was rendered entirely in my studio using nothing but my own voice (for which I offer apologies).

1 comment:

  1. Great picture! Enjoyed the music's underlining ambient textures, but was thrown a little by the the sped up and over processed sound of Austin's voice. I first thought that the was something wrong with the MP3's bit rate not being configured properly, but soon figured out that everything was intentional. Nice... I sometimes feel this way when consuming Java shots.