25 January 2011



If January is a gauge of my maturity level...

Still I had to do it. Pretty simple setup again, just a single strobe, I think at 1/32 in a 43" shoot-through umbrella, camera left.

Andy brought me this photo, and I struggled a bit more than usual with where I wanted to go musically. I knew I didn't want some big Hollywood action hero-style music, so I decided to try and capture the brief journey my eye took over the photo. In this case, the generally dark color, and obviously the gun caught my attention first, so I responded with this aggressive Timpani material. But then my eye wanders over to Andy and particularly to his face, and there's a compassion there, even while the photo tries to suggest otherwise. I've known Andy for almost 20 years, and I know that beneath a photo like this lies a huge-hearted softy of a guy, and hence the ultra-romantic violin solo interrupting the percussion (performed here beautifully by composer and violinist Nathan Lanier).

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