13 January 2011



Tequila makes her clothes come off... and I'm a man who enjoys a good tequila. Again the joke speaks for itself, so I'll talk about the shot setup. Really basic, a strobe set high camera left through either a white umbrella or beauty dish, I forget. The bokeh (blurred background) are my LED Christmas lights.

Another brief break from the 'Originality' series, this time once again first inspired by a photo of Andy's. He took this rather gorgeous shot of alcohol but obviously completely spun its meaning with the title. Not to be out-irony'd, I decided that that bottle needed to have something very against-the-grain to musically accompany. So I wrote this very lyrical, rather sentimental passage for strings and a solo soprano (performed here by my wonderful wife). But on reflection somehow the straight-forwardly ironic approach seemed a little too on the nose, so I went and started re-working it to include this sort of "off-stage" alto sax to give it that proper dose seedy back alley-ness...

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