15 January 2011



This iteration is exact opposite of Part 5; I retained all the original drum loop's rhythms and sample choices, and wrote my own melodic ideas. As with the last one, I didn't change the palette or step outside the world of this piece. Just worked within it. Did I write something new? I'm trying not to answer it though, I think strangely it's less debatable today than it was yesterday. That's strange, especially since rhythm is usually the last place to find originality, but I think this case I feel that way because the piece is essentially entirely about rhythm ....

Again the clay begins to take a more defined form, much like the hand that carries it.True originality can be hard to come by. Particularly when the hand you're cradled by is all you know. With media being what it is today, I am surrounded by influences. This is both inspiring and suffocating. I love how easy the internet has made idea sharing and self-publishing, but sometimes it leaves me with the feeling that it's all been done. A constructive exercise can be born from this though. If it has been done then it warrants a good study. Ask of it any question you can think to. Can it be done anew? How can you make it interesting? How can you add your mark to it?

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