03 January 2011


Listen: Birth of a Movement.MP3


Aptly tagged on the old Gates Rubber building in Denver. I don’t think this will convince them to stop using oil, but I still love socially conscious tagging. I titled this with the idea of using art to impact social or political change. Not something I’m doing right now, but it’s what it made me think of.

Again, this began with Andy's photo. Something about the nature of its tilt and sort of "off" angle made me feel something visceral, almost violent should be written. So I did sort of a musical rendition of a protest rally. Large drums marshal a crowd of protesters and rioters. Over time, the drums fade, then stop, and the sounds of the crowd gradually fade and distort, drifting away. The crowd gets quieter and quieter until finally disappearing, but in such a way to suggest (hopefully) that at least the message won't die. It will live past the individual rallies.

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